Our Services

To succeed as a Football player takes great skills, hard work and determination. But you also needs to have an excellent Agent…
Rk6 sports management provide the best Football Agents to offer the full spectrum of services that handles all aspects of you career, from employment opportunities, image rights, to ensure your being paid enough for your service as well as planning and preparing new endorsement deals to help you succeed.

Career management

Structured planning and active management to better fulfillment, growth and financial stability of a player’s professional career.


Cooperation & collaboration with agents, clubs & lawyers to improve the football player’s chance of an optimal career development.

Club referencing

We help place football players in the adequate club to provide continuance improvement and guidance.


Performing as professional negotiators, brokering the transfers on behalf of the selling clubs, buying one and individual football players negotiators.

Contract negotiation

Reliable football agents with contract negotiation tactics and strategies to reach the most suitable agreement, to protect your right and present your best interest.

Financial management

Organizing, directing and helping to control the financial activity of the player during his career and even beyond by planning business opportunities…

Physical & Mental health management

Managing the wellbeing of a football player, the diet, the food, as well as taking care of injuries and their consequences to prepare the player for a…


Professional scout who have a fundamental knowledge in tactics & football skills attending football matches to recruit young talents and help them rea…

Image & communication management

Planning and implementing, monitoring all ways of communication. We work with best media and commercial companies to giv…